Video: Was Mary Magdalene a whore or a widowed Bride?

Who was the real Mary Magdalene? Was she a sinner? Was she an adulteress? Is that why Pope Gregory called her a whore?  Did editorial demons try to silence her and limit her authority by claiming the 7 women known as Mary, mother of Jesus; Mary Magdalene; Mary of Bethany; Mary mother of James the younger; Mary mother of John Mark;  Mary of Rome and Mary the "other" were not one and the same...Mary Magdalene? 

Mary magdalene movie trailer

Check out this great video. Once again movie goers will see Jesus hang up on the Cross as Mary Magdalene weeps, wondering if she can trust that what is promised through the prophets will come true.  The Movie is scheduled to come out in March 2018 in time for Easter. 

The Day Don Died...Good Friday

Check out this STORYHIVE  VIDEO: The Day Don Died explores the events surrounding the death of a jazz singer in a community for retired entertainers   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TELUS STORYHIVE supports compelling, original stories told by filmmakers from BC and Alberta by providing production funding, training and exposure to new audiences.  Find out more - http://www.storyhive.com/