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Welcome to Her Story: a true story of love and faith

She has to tell this story so others remember that love is stronger than death.

About Me

My background

I am a woman of faith. I am a writer and Christian educator living in Metro Vancouver. 

In June 2017, I earned a Higher Doctorate in Written Communication forThe Ecumenical Affair, from the Intercontinental Open University http://www.iou.edu.gr/. 

In December 2011, I completed my Master of Arts Degree at Simon Fraser University. The Title of my thesis project is Mary Magdalene: Her image and relationship to Jesus. 

My writing roots

Toward the end of my undergraduate studies at Simon Fraser University (SFU), I enrolled in a feminist writing course. I mistakenly thought it was merely a course where I would read the work of feminist writers.  

My Instructor, Ms. Betsy Warland asked. "How many of you are writers?" None of us wanted to admit that we were writers. Ms. Warland quickly set us straight. We were writers and most likely feminists because we had enrolled in her class... She then asked us. "Why do you write?" 

Going home that night on the sky train, I thought about Ms. Warland’s question. "Why do you write?"  I realized, I had been writing to ask the most important question of all. The one that Robert Fulghum had asked the Greek in It Was On Fire When I Lay Down on it. "What is the Meaning of Life?" 

My style

The Ecumenical Affair is a true story. It's a memoir written in the style of Marguerite Duras who wrote the North China Lover. My story, like her story and perhaps yours,  dares to  break the silence of an affair that was formative to my life and my faith journey. 

Come journey with me as I discover more about women's and black rights along with ecological justice through my blogs and papers by illuminating and reflecting upon the controversial story of Mary Magdalene. 


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Better yet, see me in person!

I am a published author. The Ecumenical Affair earned me a Higher Doctorate in Written Communication. I love sharing my true story and retelling it as Her Story, the story and faith of Mary Magdalene. I'd love to get together with you and others at your book club or church.  So please drop me a line or call me during normal business hours to invite me to talk about my book or any of my papers. Maybe you have a "Me Too" moment you'd like to share with me. 


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