Mary Magdalene: Her image and relationship to Jesus.

Is she the Bride of Christ? Where is her Bridegroom? Has the "Teacher" taken his body or hidden it? Have the authorities? 


About Me

My background


I am a woman of faith. I am a writer, faith based speaker and a Christian educator living in Metro Vancouver.  

As of November 1, 2019 I am a Professor of Practice in Creative Writing.  In June 2017, I earned a Higher Doctorate in Written Communication from the Intercontinental Open University http://www.iou.edu.gr/

In December 2011, I completed my Master of Arts Liberal Studies Degree at Simon Fraser University for the successful defence of my thesis project, Mary Magdalene: Her image and relationship to Jesus

My writing roots


Toward the end of my undergraduate studies at Simon Fraser University (SFU), I enrolled in a feminist writing course. I mistakenly thought it was merely a course where I would read the work of feminist writers.  

My Instructor, Ms. Betsy Warland asked. "How many of you are writers?" None of us wanted to admit we were writers.  Ms. Warland quickly set us straight.  She told us we had been writing papers for four years. Moreover, we were most likely feminists because we had enrolled in her class. She then asked us. "Why do you write?" 

Going home that night on the sky train, I thought about Ms. Warland’s question. "Why do you write?"  I realized, I had been writing to ask the most important question of all. The one that Robert Fulghum asks in It Was On Fire When I Lay Down on it. "What is the Meaning of Life?" 

My faith tradition


My Mary Magdalene thesis takes a detailed look at the scriptures the western Christian tradition has attributed to her. Her  story is like many women's and  perhaps yours.  Her story embodies the female Jesus, the mother of Christianity and the sister of Jesus the Rabboni.  She uses what she has to spread the Gospel. Tradition depicts her as clinging to the foot of the cross  of Jesus or embracing a skull.  Scripture puts her in a Garden of  tombs.  Here she searches for her Lord, trusting in His Resurrection to redeem her and her followers.   Jesus the Rabboni...tells her not to cling to him...but to Go and Tell his brothers/sisters that he must appear before the Father! 

You know the story. Help me tell it faithfully to bring Glory to the Father. Invite me to sit down with your faith community.  This generation of Christians and the next need to know Christ.  They need to see how Mary Magdalene, the Cross, and Simon the Black the man who carried the Cross of Jesus (Mark 15:21) work to bring Light to the world and Glory to God. 

Through my writing and presentations, I put my faith in action. I show how faith in Christ corresponds to bringing LIGHT,  SALT,

REDEMPTION and RECONCILIATION to the world with eco-justice.


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My testimony of how God is working in my life is awesome. I'd love to share my testimony with you and others at your church.  So please drop me a line or call me and invite me. Perhaps you are curious about what became of Mary Magdalene after she spoke with the Teacher in the Garden of the Tombs.  There are many theories. My Master's Thesis and papers speak to them and lift up how Mary's faith and her relationship with Jesus the Teacher and Simon the Black bring Glory to God. 

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